Whether you happen to be hosting a organization meeting or perhaps running a training practice session, the room layout is essential to obtain the most out of your participants. Luckily, http://www.boardroomcenter.com/board-software-characteristics-to-compare/ there are numerous different configurations to choose from that will suit your needs. Here are six of the most effective board room format to consider:

Boardroom style

Typical setup you’ve likely seen in many movies is the classic boardroom method. This arrangement features a significant table with chairs about it that seats the complete group. This layout is great for one-way posting and enables participants to interact on a personal level when using the facilitator.

Hollow square

Identical to the u-shape good results . the fourth aspect closed off, the empty square design is ideal for mid-sized areas and can seats a reasonable number of individuals at each desk who will participate in group discussions. Additionally, it enables members to take hints on their laptops or different devices.

Cracked horseshoe

Suited to slightly larger groups, the broken horseshoe setup is similar to the standard U-shape but with an area in the middle in which participants can stay without all their view staying hindered by simply others. It could be particularly good for presentations that require a lot of discussion with remote participants.


Perfect for business meetings and large situations, the theatre layout locations participants in rows that face a stage or display screen. This allows sound system to connect with all of the attendees and is also well suited to presentations, lectures and product demonstrations.

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